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Three classifications of PVC artificial leather


With the progress of economic development, leather plays a more and more important role in people's daily life. Cheap and high-quality artificial leather has also become the product people love most. At present, the artificial leather industry has developed into one of the important industries in the daily consumer products industry.
At present, PVC artificial leather dominates the artificial leather, which is the first generation of products. There are three types of products:
ĘŔ Ordinary artificial leather, also known as non foaming artificial leather. Most of them are made of plain cloth, canvas and recycled cloth by direct coating method. Because the coating is dense and the paste can penetrate into the pores of the base cloth, the finished product feels hard and wear-resistant. It is mainly used for making wear-resistant packaging bags, construction and industrial accessories, etc.
Ęŕ Foamed artificial leather. Usually it is based on needle woven fabric. Foaming agent and its additives are used in the surface paste. When it is gelatinization, it forms a microporous structure, resulting in light quality, full and soft handle. Produced by transfer coating method. It is mainly used for making gloves, bags, bags, clothing and furniture.
ĘŘ Suede artificial leather. Commonly known as artificial suede. It has a wide variety and a variety of production methods.